Sunday, December 18, 2005

20 things about me

Its been so long since I wrote a post here.I was quite busy in the office on weekdays and weekends just zoomed past without me knowing whats happening..I was mostly going out with friends on weekends..and was too engrossed in work on weekdays..
I was enjoying the sleep between wakefulness and the breaks between work... :-P

Fictional Reality has tagged me.And now I am gonna write 20 thingsabout myself..not a simple task..there are so many things ..I dont know from where I should start...
1.My favourite colours are all shades of blue and pink..In fact if u have a look at my wardrobe,u ll largely see only blue and pink clothes and may be some red shades too..
2.I am a vegeterian from the past 8 years.... I love animals and like observing them..I especially like cats and birds..sparrows.. In fact my friends were so taken by my fascination for cats that they gifted me a toy cat on my last birthday..
3.My greatest passion is music..listening and singing..I feel best when I am listening ot my favourite music.. I can listen to any genre..anything that appeals to me.. There are too many favourites..But I like rock best..
4.I have been writing a journal from the time I was in my 9th standard.. I used to write very regularly in those times.. And I got to know myself a lot better due to that.. But now I write very infrequently..only when I feel like.. I basically like writing...I write poems too when I feel like it.. 5.I was always a sincere and good student in my school and college.. Though now I wonder I could have been less sincere..
6.The funniest thing that happened to me when I was a kid- I fell head along in a pool of water while I was trying to put a paper boat in it..I got some bruises on my head..
7.I used to paint when I was a kid..Then I started sketching too... But then I dont do it takes a lot of time..
8.I get angry easily .But then I also know how to control it.
9.I am quite impatient.Especially when I have to do some work, I jump straight to do it and try to complete it as soon as possible..but it becomes draining at times..
10.I hate winters.
11.I think a lot and as a result of it,I worry a lot generally... But I also analyse things a lot..which helps me to understand them better..I am not a lazy thinker...I mean I dont escape thinking just for the sake of keeping my cool...this sounds weird..
12.I am a night the sense that I feel freshest at midnight and worst in the morning..
13.My friends have given me the title of PJ Queen due to my habit of cracking silly jokes and one liners..
14.I love
15.I believe in the doing everything in moderation.. Excess of anything either disgusts or bores me.. I also believe in being disciplined..though I am not perfectly so..
16.I like reading books..particularly non-fiction and philosophy and spirituality..
17.I generally expect a lot from friends..but I am trying to reduce my expectations as expectations invariably brings disappointments..
18.I have this curious habit of hitting my very close friends playfully..
19.I still like watching cartoons..Rugrats,Hey Arnold are my favourites..
20.I recently chose my new nickname - Nue (pronounced as New) - Neha Ultra Edition.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday, November 07, 2005

This is how one of the cubicles in my office looked after the floor decoration competition...

It has been a long time now since i updated my blog .I had a lot of fun in the past few weeks in the festive season.I got a lot of leaves from office and had a very good time on Diwali.

Particularly the week from 24th Oct to 28th Oct was very busy..:-) ...In my company,we had some sort of fest.In fact,it was just like those college fests.We had events like dance,skits,music events and games for the first four days in the evening and then on the last day we had a floor decoration competition in the office and then a grand party in the night.I participated in a skit and did a song duet.It was great fun.And then in the following week we had a lot of holidays.

The floor decoration competition was very interesting.Flextronics is spread over 8 plots.Every year before Diwali,there is a plot decoration competition and there is a new theme every year for the decoration.This year the theme was "Bollywood meets Hollywood".At first i was not concerned with the competition and found the whole thing pretty frivolous.But then I shortly realized the seriousness of the matter when a meeting was called to discuss the strategy and ideas for the decoration.I was roped in for the decoration.And then funds were collected and a lot of stationery was bought...thermocole sheets,sketch pens,paints and what not..There are 3 floors in my plot and we decided to decorate the first 2 only.It was all very extensive.we started on 27th evening and finished on 28th evening.We created the sets for hindi and english movies in the cubicles.At the end of it all,office was not looking like office anymore..Then the judges for the competition came on 28th evening and someone showed them around according to a prewritten script.The decoration was done based on a script. :-P

Friday, October 21, 2005


just yesterday i was mailing my friend about an experience in Ooty and this is what i wrote..

it was during the month of july..
the weather was rainy...
we went to the highest peak in Ooty..
and then while returning,we came down through a forest...
there was a road alongside the forest...
but we preferred to walk thru the forest..
and it was lovely
there were so many green and tall trees..
and the ground was mostly covered in algae..
the weather was lovely
we were a group of 4 ppl
and there was no one else around
it was quite peaceful
and the weather was lovely
i still remember the time
the smell and the nip in the air...
thts wat nature does to u ..
makes u at peace and brings out the sense of wonder in u...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hovering on Crossroads

Last weekend i went to meet my college friends , and i found my long lost poem tht i gave one of my friends to keep.I had won a prize in creative writing for it in my second semester in college.

Hovering On Crossroads

Here I am

Standing on crossroads of life

All the hopes be damned

I know I m lost.

In throes of pain

Of loneliness and betrayal

All those dreams went in vain

Oh, what a death my little hope died.

There was sound of laughter

And agony of tears

And a few moments after

There is nothing I can hear.

No longer is anyone around

No longer do I feel the touch

I do want to hear some sound

Now, I have had just too much.

Who would show me the light?

So I’d see which way to choose

Who would encourage me to fight?

And assure me I’ve nothing to lose?

Looking deep within I saw a figure

It was nothing but my hidden strong self

I can rely on it, as I know it won’t wither

No matter how strong the storms may be.

The greatest wisdom is hidden in me

To guide me through all the ways

I only have to pause and see

And brave though thick and thin days.

So realization dawns on me

And it surely surprises me to see

That the strength I needed was always there

So now I can be happy and here.

Now I have nothing to fear

For my own self will give me the strength I need

To excel, to cry, to laugh, to lead

And to make my own way, hovering on crossroads of life.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Growing Old...

welll...i m growing old now... ;-) ...i had this feeling yesterday...something triggered this feeling ....i dont know what....i have sm years of my youth left..but then i realised that middle age and old age are a much larger part of our lives than the youth part...and still we give up so their middle/old age,most ppl start thinking that they know everything that is there to know...that they have experienced almost everything that life can offer....this actually changes their attitude to the "i've been there" attitude...they are no longer excited about life...this limits their growth....i remember once i read somewhere that the abitlity of a child to learn a new language is way too greater than an adult...this just shows the difference in the curiosity level of a child and an adult..the way children lead their lives is an example for all of us...the way they see each day as a new day with limitless possibilities....but as we grow old we lose this perspective and come to arrive at the conclusion that "we know everything" i think the best way to grow old is to stay young or keep the child in you that u keep learning and growing in every way...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Five Point Someone

I finally had a chance to read this book "Five Point Someone" by Chetan Bhagat...I had heard a lot about it...and i was expecting it to be an important book..but then i discovered its just a fun book...reading it gave me an idea of how badly one can screw up ones college years...since i was a sincere student during my college days..but then its a good book to read for those who reallly miss their college days..

my cousin...from my nokia 6681

My nokia 6681

This is the first most expensive thing i have bought from my own money ... :-)

check this song out(if u havent)

Virginia Moon by Foo_Fighters- album In_Your_Honor..wonderful song...


Foo_Fighters-In_Your_Honor- is great to hear...especially while working ...its really soothing....great music...have heard these songs for the first time today...

starting a new phase....

now after completing my training,i have been put into a live project.the technology is GSM..platform is windows and language is java...its going good...these days we r just having some basic training about Java Swing and how to use some basic tools and IDE...the coding will start in does not seem so bad...i have seen that ppl have a very negative approach abt java...especially if they r into C...but then i also didnt have any previous experience in java...i mostly knew C/C++...when i got this project,ppl gave me very bad reactions when they heard its in java..but now that i m in the project...i have come to see that java is easier than C...what with the numerous in-built functions it offers..and the IDE that we are using makes our task simpler offers drag and drop capabiltiy for designing GUIs...moreover as far as design concept goes...i think OOP is anyday better than structured/modular programming approach..and java provides all that...

apart frm the technicalities ... i m enjoying myself here....i just love my comp...and its pretty comfy out here...
lets c how it gets when i get the coding thing started..then i will have the deadlines...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

boring weekends...

this trend has been gng on 4 almost every weekend after i joined office...i always make 2 or 3 plans for the weekend....this invariably includes shopping...and of course going for a movie....but it seldom materialises...i always end up spending the whole weekend at home sleeping and eating...thts too bad...coz on every sunbday nite i feel like here office comes again and it never ends...i feel like i m in office 24 hours on the weekdays and then sleeping on the weekends...nothing happens to all the plans i make and i never manage to go shopping..and this actually make me realise that how much i m earning doesnt matter too much ... all the moolah keeps lying untouched in my account......what really matters is whether i enjoy the work i m doing...

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Finally the deadline for my first project passed off mentor and buddy were quite happy with i ll be assigned a new project and a i m free these days..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Art of Living

I had my 3-day Art Of Living training a few weeks ago.It was part of mytraining in FSS.I was basically expecting to learn yoga and meditation there.I was also expecting to get some spiritual wisdom there.The best part was that we didnt have to do any office work during those 3 days and lunch was freee.. :-) .Our guru was Mr. Ajay Vij.We had a good time with him..he made us play all kinds of games there...we were a group of 35 ppl and all of us participated with the same enthu as when we were small kids..We also learned some kriyas there.the main pointof the training was Sudarshan kriya.It consists of some breathing exercises and aims to reduce the stress and remove the toxins from the body..the kriya was based on the belief that thru relaxing and controlling our breath we also relax the mind.
apart from the yoga,we also had some discussions on general philosophies of life and secrets of happiness.I had some questions about how to b happy and positive all the time and i found the answers to most of them there..we were told about 5 sutras about how to stay happy:
1.Live in the present moment.Give ur best to the present moment withoutworrying too much about the past and the future.
Irresponsibilty=complaint. Those who take on more responsibilty become more powerful.And those who shirk it compalin all the time.
3.Opposite values are complementary.If u r working with someone who has some traits which r opposite to what u have then u should not get irritated.The other person may have something which u lack and u may have something that he/she lacks. so together u make a good team.
4.Accept people as they are.There is no point in getting worked up or angry about other people or hating someone.This makes u negative and doesnt really do any good.Accepting ppl is not the same as supporting them.If u dont agree with them,its ok to differ. But u can have ur own point of views without the need to convince the other person.the moment u have biases against others, u become negative.
5.Dont become a football of others opinion.That is,dont let others' actions or words have any impact on your happiness. Dont let others have a control over your happiness.

Monday, August 22, 2005

here i go again....

some weeks ago i was wondering why ppl in s/w industry dont work much b4 deadlines and then stay late when the deadline is near...and now i m in the same fine day we group members(v r a group of 3 doing a project) and my mentor and buddy woke up when they received a mail from the admin department stating the date for submission of project(code + report +presentation)....and the going has been hard since then....i even started working at home to meet the deadline..and now at least the code is running and we have the SRS and design doc complete...i have even made the presentation (at home :-) ) theres a bit of documentation left which will be completed in the next 2 days...then i will be free... :-) ...i will be put into a live project then....i m gonna have a blast this weekend ..its been ages since i watched a movie on the theatre...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

pata hai?

i m really really bored at the moment bcoz my project is hanging...i have a meeting with my mentor and buddy at 4:15 pm...after that i think the project's documentation part will really take this point i am reminded of sthg i heard from a software pro a few weeks ago...i was just asking him about his work timings and how often he has to stay back in the office for work...he said the reason ppl have to stay back sometimes is that when the deadline for project completion is far away,they dont really work that they have to make up for it by staying back when the deadline is near.....i didnt quite believe him at that time but now i think it is true..human mentality is like that only...they work only when a sword is hanging overhead...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

many times a thought has crossed my mind ...about what is a person's biggest enemy..and time and again i have realised that it is LAZINESS.
there r times in everyone's life when one doesnt have anything much to say...i m passing thru that phase....hahahahahahaha......actually masti maarne ka time hi nahin milta aaj kal ...aisaa bhi nahin hai ki i have a lot of work to do in my office...but still i feel tired all the time and dont feel like doing anything at home...except sleeping..lolz....i m trying to adapt in the workplace and take out some time for my leisure activities....but still i manage to have a good time with my office frens....

Monday, July 11, 2005

Are u feeling bad?

A few days ago I was feeling very depressed.I was thinking about all the bad things that have happened to me .I was wondering about why all that happened.I was feeling victimised.I was thinking what bad things i had done to deserve all that.When it became too much,i tried to change my thinking.I started thinking about what i can do to improve the situation and to improve myself as a person.Then i started feeling better and empowered.When u blame others or external things for your sadness,u will always feel bad and weak.The moment u take responsibility for how to lead ur life,u will start feeing stronger and better.
I have now started my dummy project.The lecture sessions are over( thankfully).I will be doing this project for the next 2 months ,after which I'll get a live project.I am enjoying myself a lot these days .There's not much work pressure or time constraints at present.So, I get to talk to my friends at office and we have a lot of fun.I have kind of adapted to the work scene.I dont feel very sleepy anymore.I try to catch up on lost sleep during the weekends.After the initial days at office,now i am beginning to enjoy this office life.I am more comfortable now.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Taking Advice

One day I happened to overhear a conversation when I was returning from office in my office bus.Two persons sitting behind my seat were talking abut how to clear CAT and its various aspects and statistics.One of them said that he had tried to clear CAT but failed.He was talking very negatively about it and he gave the other person a very pessimistic view of the whole thing about clearing CAT.He made it seem like a very difficult examination which involves a lot of luck factor.He didnt say anything about the hardwrk involved or any strategies for the examination.

This reminded me of something i had read a few years ago -- "Take advice about how to succeed in a domain only from successful people in that domain." It is actually true.When u talk to people who have failed,u can learn about what not to do.Generally when u ask them about how to succeed in something,they will give u a negative and demoralised view which can alter ur perspective and make urself negative about the whole thing too.

I got my first salary!!

I got my fisrt salary on 1st july.Its really very special.I feel very good about the whole thing.I have yet to decide on how to spend it.The first thing i did was buy some sweets from that money and went to the temple.I have always been careful about money and have never been a great shopper.However,when u realise that its ur own money that u have made urself,its a very differnt feeling.I feel more responsible.I will buy some gifts for my family and friends..

Sunday, June 19, 2005

First weekend after the joining

after the first few days at job, it has become quite boring due to the lectures we have in the training session...they make us sit in classes and we have to tolerate long lectures which r very boring sometimes...its evn worse than what we had in college sometimes...and to top it all,i was not getting enough sure was dfficult to keep awake during the lectures...however,the coffee machine was my saving grace... :) ...
i have never waited for a weekend so was the most precious weekend i had..on saturday,i woke up early and then i made the breakfast as my mother was out of station...then i went out to meet my friends..after that i slept mostly..i slept away my sunday...i hope i get used to the long hours at office soon...

Monday, June 13, 2005

My first day at job

I joined Flextronics(Hughes) Software Systems today as a software engineer.I was wondering about what the experience would b like...However,it turned out to b like a regular college day..I went to the office in the morning with some of my friends who were also joining today..We reached there at around 8:10 am..and then we waited outside one of the buildings ( fss has 7 ot 8 buildings) for about half an hour..then we were issued i-cards and we were taken to another location for our induction..there were almost 150 other joinees from all over India with various qualifications...When we were made to sit in the hall there and told to fill the elaborate forms,that reminded me of the day of my admission in NSIT..Then we had some boring lectures about the company,its policies etc etc ..The best part was that the lunch was free and i got to meet a lot of new people there ....we were free at 5:30 pm and i managed to reach home around 7 pm..All in all,it was just like being in college...i think i will get the actual JOB experience only when i finish the training(which is of 12 weeks duration)....

Sunday, June 12, 2005

****The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.

****The only thing that shatters dreams is compromise.

About Learning and losing

Thats what learning is ,after all : not whether we lose the game,but how we lose and how we have changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before,to apply to other games.Losing,in a curious way, is winning.

I am joining Tomorrow!!

So my days as a software enginner starts my company : Flextronics Software systems(formerly Hughes)..i will b working for 9 hours + commuting for 2 hours + sleeping for 8 hours.This leaves 5 hours for leisure..I am looking forward to some challenging work.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Why would u feel lousy,if u can feel good?

Why would u want to do less,if u can do more?

Why would u not want to smile,when u can and a smile looks good ?

Why would u feel worthless ,when u know that u r good?

Why would u b discouraged by small setbacks,when u know u can overcome any obstacle if u want to?

Why would u compare urself with others,when u know that its unfair?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

how to kick a bad habit

This is an excerpt from a book i m reading : "The Naked Leader" by David Taylor.

" If u want to give up a bad habit ,but u do not,it is usually because that habit gives u some pleasure.Identify what that pleasure is - be honest with urself,then ask urself how u could achieve this same pleasure doing something different.If so, u will b on the way,because u will not b 'giving up' the pleasure,u will b replacing it.If smoking gives u the pleasure of relaxing,and u find that meditation also gives u the same pleasure - meditate.(You can meditate in more places than u are allowed to smoke!)"

who is a strong person?

The other day i was talking to my friend about who is an emotionally strong person...the one who shows his emotons or the one who hides them...and he said a strong person is one who can show the emotions that must b shown and can manage his emotions well...i always observed that ppl frowned upon crying as a sign of weakness..but it helps sometimes to let ur emotions out and not keep them bottled up inside u..

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

some quotations...

Aristotle said " To be angry is easy.But to be angry with the right person ,for the right reason,to the right degree,at the right time....this is difficult..."

Oscar Wilde said : "Self love is the starting of a life-long romance."

i made this ...

Cow-girl Posted by Hello

i made this too...

Kiss of a Flower Posted by Hello


Once I was a poet

I used to write night after night

How I loved every written word

How I believed in them with all my might.

What could I possibly write about

I thought I knew it all too well

So, I wrote on and on about only one thing -

Falling in love and its spell.

I wrote about falling in love

And all the happiness it would bring

Mine was a heart of a romantic

I believed in love’s beauty and its eternal spring.

Oh, how many lines I wrote on love

I was happy and youth was mine

I could think of only the joy of loving

So drunken I was on love’s wine.

But why do I laugh at those lines today

What has changed inside of me

Is it only a matter of few years

That once I was a poet that now I can never be.

I wonder what you’d say if you read those poems

But I can see I was wrong

When I wrote only about love’s joy

And for it forever I did long.

But now I know I saw love

Only in one dimension

Still I know very little about it

Yet this precious little I would care to mention.

If ever you fall in love

Be ready to face its pain and sorrow

Along with the ecstasy it brings

To you every moment today and tomorrow.

As a rose with its beauty

Has its share of thorns

Look at love in its entirety

Love can be dark as night and bright as morn.

Be blessed when you have pleasure

That love brings sometimes

Yet be ready for the pain

That it’ll bring all the other times.

And don’t shy away from love’s pain

Don’t ever say it’s what you despise

You have to make efforts and work hard to keep love

It’ll only make you grow and make you wise.

So, pain it is and pleasure it is

And if all this pain you can endure

I can say you know the meaning of love

I’ll believe your love is pure.

--- Self composed by Neha Giri

Dated 7.04.05
Copyright 2005

Monday, June 06, 2005

movies galore...

am getting bored to death at home ...i watched three more movies.."The wedding planner"(Jlo can act too!!)..."Shrek 2"(A delightful movie with great graphics) and "Forrest Gump" (An interesting movie )

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Beautiful Movie

I watched the movie "A Beautiful Mind" was an extraorinary movie...though the first half was quite got better and better as the movie really touched my heart..i wd recommend this movie to everyone..

Friday, June 03, 2005

1024 pages...

at one time i cud barely stand reading novels and fiction..i thought they were a waste of,i only preferred reading non-fiction ..but i surprised myself recently by completing the book "Gone With the Wind " by Margaret was really nice and i read all the 1024 pages of it :) and relished every one of it...the central character was really nicely etched out...i really enjoyed the book and i think i will start reading fiction now...they r a welcome break from the monotony and realities of modern life..i completed another one recently: "Toxin" by Robin Cook..i wd recommend this book to lovers of medical mystery and thrillers...i m hooked..

those were the days...

I am going to miss my college days ...had a lot of fun all these 4 years...had such good friends and had such a good time with them..and got to learn so much frm them..all stuck together thru thick and thin..making it one big happy family :) ...and am gng to miss my beautiful college campus,especially the canteen lawns where v sat 4 hours in the last semester,sharing the 'delicacies' from the canteen..awwwww

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Linkin Park

Recently i listened to a lot of Linkin Park songs...I especially like their album with Jay- Z " Collision Course" ..I like their music but one thing made me very curious : why do all their lyrics sound so negative??
Thats me.. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

what now??

I am free these days..just completed my B.E. from NSIT in Computer waiting to join my company Flextronics Software Systems (Formerly Hughes Software Sytems)...still 11 days to go..

Why i made this blog

For years i have been penning down my thoughts in my diary..sometimes i felt like "hey! i should share this particular thought with others too.."..but i seldom did that college is over and i have some time in my hand,i thought i wd better make a blog to publish my thougths :) ...