Wednesday, August 03, 2005

pata hai?

i m really really bored at the moment bcoz my project is hanging...i have a meeting with my mentor and buddy at 4:15 pm...after that i think the project's documentation part will really take this point i am reminded of sthg i heard from a software pro a few weeks ago...i was just asking him about his work timings and how often he has to stay back in the office for work...he said the reason ppl have to stay back sometimes is that when the deadline for project completion is far away,they dont really work that they have to make up for it by staying back when the deadline is near.....i didnt quite believe him at that time but now i think it is true..human mentality is like that only...they work only when a sword is hanging overhead...


sona said...

hi neha
how u u?
hope to cu around here on blog more often..:):)
i agree we all complete our work only at the last minute but then we also knw we can manage that.....:):)

amit said...

well enggr. tend to hv a habit- working on a task only when the deadlines approaches n follow a philosphy of Just In Time

saurabh ohri said...

hi neha,
evn i have heard bout this,
but never experienced it till date:-)
but ya its tru that human tendency is to work only in the deadlines


माकूचाकू said...

The day I crossed over to the interview panel...

johnny boy said...

Could not agree with u more! But u know what, ppl nowadays are very much aware of this, and they dont mind it. Its true, s/w enggs are prepared to put in extra long hours of work, b4 a deadline. And take it easy, have fun at all other times :))
Talkin of which, i gotta deadline comin up in 2 days, lemme run! :)

Jithu said...

hmm.. thts something true abt humans. The famous JIT (Just in Time) eveloved from this i think ;-)