Sunday, June 12, 2005

I am joining Tomorrow!!

So my days as a software enginner starts my company : Flextronics Software systems(formerly Hughes)..i will b working for 9 hours + commuting for 2 hours + sleeping for 8 hours.This leaves 5 hours for leisure..I am looking forward to some challenging work.


माकूचाकू said...

As for the time statistics go, you'll probably end up spending more time in office than you think, like i'm in office from 9:30 am to 7pm (average) & sometimes till 10:30pm.

My commuting takes almost 4 hours & sleep for atleast 6 hours leaves almost no time for other activities. So be prepared to dodge the time :-P

Gud luck.

Fictional Reality said...

Good luck for tomorrow!

Post the first day's experience here, would love to read it :)

suman kumar -The warrior said...

Hi Neha ,
Flextronics !! Well m in Nortel PROJECT for a year and half .I am not sure whether you know about Bell Labs or so .NORTEL also called Bell Nortel Labs is brain child of Alexander Graham Bell ,The one who made telephone .

Leaving aside the history ,Well m in same domain as you are Telecom .But m n mumbai and want to jump to some telcom compnay in blore soon .

I need some help from you on this regard .
Waise I too have a blog ,very poor stuff ,but do visit it

You can add comments there .you can mail me at

bbye and tc