Thursday, April 23, 2009

Secret to a calmer self

To be able to write is a gift.Its an outlet. Its an expression which I barely use now..except scribbling something onto the office notebook.

When I write down something, it becomes clear in my mind. The sentences reflect fact. I become more aware of it.

Lately I have undergone some realization. To observe oneself is one of the ways to know one's deepest tendencies..May be we all do the things we do without thinking and its mostly our tendencies that unravels in form of actions...

We can question ourselves if we become aware of these tendencies..These tendencies are formed because of our past experiences and the thoughts in our subconscious minds...

We are what we think ...And our thoughts may also follow a pattern..mostly these patters are formed thoughout our past life due to repeated actions and similar experiences..These patterns may become so ingrained in our minds, that we may not realise them..We may stop thinking differently..We may even stop that a separate way can exist...Our thoughts becomes limited, so does our action and scope..

I have often read that to be able to forget is one of the best abilities we have..otherwise we may become crazy..Its true as we need constantly forget about things that worry us or worried us in the past..otherwise we may not forget unpleasant incidents and torture ourselves needlessly..

To be completely aware of the present moment may feel like nirvana..When you care nothing about the moments before and after the present moment and your whole mind is occupied and immersed in the moment you have now, the mind neither fears the future nor it repents the past,,,The mind feels fully awakened to the one truth that exists in the present moment..

To see the beauty of the current moment and to completely devote yourself to do the best possible with this moment, gives you happiness and a sense of achievement..Time goes on and it makes us realize that our unhappiness is nothing but our own thoughts..When the thoughts are cleansed of fear and unpleasantness, you feel peace..

To be positive and see every new second as a new possibility to do something good to make your world better is a wonderful thing. Anything is possible. You are not limited by your tendencies..Try out new things and think new thoughts..Every moment is a completely new dimension..Realize all your wishes..