Sunday, December 18, 2005

20 things about me

Its been so long since I wrote a post here.I was quite busy in the office on weekdays and weekends just zoomed past without me knowing whats happening..I was mostly going out with friends on weekends..and was too engrossed in work on weekdays..
I was enjoying the sleep between wakefulness and the breaks between work... :-P

Fictional Reality has tagged me.And now I am gonna write 20 thingsabout myself..not a simple task..there are so many things ..I dont know from where I should start...
1.My favourite colours are all shades of blue and pink..In fact if u have a look at my wardrobe,u ll largely see only blue and pink clothes and may be some red shades too..
2.I am a vegeterian from the past 8 years.... I love animals and like observing them..I especially like cats and birds..sparrows.. In fact my friends were so taken by my fascination for cats that they gifted me a toy cat on my last birthday..
3.My greatest passion is music..listening and singing..I feel best when I am listening ot my favourite music.. I can listen to any genre..anything that appeals to me.. There are too many favourites..But I like rock best..
4.I have been writing a journal from the time I was in my 9th standard.. I used to write very regularly in those times.. And I got to know myself a lot better due to that.. But now I write very infrequently..only when I feel like.. I basically like writing...I write poems too when I feel like it.. 5.I was always a sincere and good student in my school and college.. Though now I wonder I could have been less sincere..
6.The funniest thing that happened to me when I was a kid- I fell head along in a pool of water while I was trying to put a paper boat in it..I got some bruises on my head..
7.I used to paint when I was a kid..Then I started sketching too... But then I dont do it takes a lot of time..
8.I get angry easily .But then I also know how to control it.
9.I am quite impatient.Especially when I have to do some work, I jump straight to do it and try to complete it as soon as possible..but it becomes draining at times..
10.I hate winters.
11.I think a lot and as a result of it,I worry a lot generally... But I also analyse things a lot..which helps me to understand them better..I am not a lazy thinker...I mean I dont escape thinking just for the sake of keeping my cool...this sounds weird..
12.I am a night the sense that I feel freshest at midnight and worst in the morning..
13.My friends have given me the title of PJ Queen due to my habit of cracking silly jokes and one liners..
14.I love
15.I believe in the doing everything in moderation.. Excess of anything either disgusts or bores me.. I also believe in being disciplined..though I am not perfectly so..
16.I like reading books..particularly non-fiction and philosophy and spirituality..
17.I generally expect a lot from friends..but I am trying to reduce my expectations as expectations invariably brings disappointments..
18.I have this curious habit of hitting my very close friends playfully..
19.I still like watching cartoons..Rugrats,Hey Arnold are my favourites..
20.I recently chose my new nickname - Nue (pronounced as New) - Neha Ultra Edition.