Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Finally the deadline for my first project passed off mentor and buddy were quite happy with i ll be assigned a new project and a i m free these days..

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Art of Living

I had my 3-day Art Of Living training a few weeks ago.It was part of mytraining in FSS.I was basically expecting to learn yoga and meditation there.I was also expecting to get some spiritual wisdom there.The best part was that we didnt have to do any office work during those 3 days and lunch was freee.. :-) .Our guru was Mr. Ajay Vij.We had a good time with him..he made us play all kinds of games there...we were a group of 35 ppl and all of us participated with the same enthu as when we were small kids..We also learned some kriyas there.the main pointof the training was Sudarshan kriya.It consists of some breathing exercises and aims to reduce the stress and remove the toxins from the body..the kriya was based on the belief that thru relaxing and controlling our breath we also relax the mind.
apart from the yoga,we also had some discussions on general philosophies of life and secrets of happiness.I had some questions about how to b happy and positive all the time and i found the answers to most of them there..we were told about 5 sutras about how to stay happy:
1.Live in the present moment.Give ur best to the present moment withoutworrying too much about the past and the future.
Irresponsibilty=complaint. Those who take on more responsibilty become more powerful.And those who shirk it compalin all the time.
3.Opposite values are complementary.If u r working with someone who has some traits which r opposite to what u have then u should not get irritated.The other person may have something which u lack and u may have something that he/she lacks. so together u make a good team.
4.Accept people as they are.There is no point in getting worked up or angry about other people or hating someone.This makes u negative and doesnt really do any good.Accepting ppl is not the same as supporting them.If u dont agree with them,its ok to differ. But u can have ur own point of views without the need to convince the other person.the moment u have biases against others, u become negative.
5.Dont become a football of others opinion.That is,dont let others' actions or words have any impact on your happiness. Dont let others have a control over your happiness.

Monday, August 22, 2005

here i go again....

some weeks ago i was wondering why ppl in s/w industry dont work much b4 deadlines and then stay late when the deadline is near...and now i m in the same fine day we group members(v r a group of 3 doing a project) and my mentor and buddy woke up when they received a mail from the admin department stating the date for submission of project(code + report +presentation)....and the going has been hard since then....i even started working at home to meet the deadline..and now at least the code is running and we have the SRS and design doc complete...i have even made the presentation (at home :-) ) theres a bit of documentation left which will be completed in the next 2 days...then i will be free... :-) ...i will be put into a live project then....i m gonna have a blast this weekend ..its been ages since i watched a movie on the theatre...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

pata hai?

i m really really bored at the moment bcoz my project is hanging...i have a meeting with my mentor and buddy at 4:15 pm...after that i think the project's documentation part will really take this point i am reminded of sthg i heard from a software pro a few weeks ago...i was just asking him about his work timings and how often he has to stay back in the office for work...he said the reason ppl have to stay back sometimes is that when the deadline for project completion is far away,they dont really work that they have to make up for it by staying back when the deadline is near.....i didnt quite believe him at that time but now i think it is true..human mentality is like that only...they work only when a sword is hanging overhead...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

many times a thought has crossed my mind ...about what is a person's biggest enemy..and time and again i have realised that it is LAZINESS.
there r times in everyone's life when one doesnt have anything much to say...i m passing thru that phase....hahahahahahaha......actually masti maarne ka time hi nahin milta aaj kal ...aisaa bhi nahin hai ki i have a lot of work to do in my office...but still i feel tired all the time and dont feel like doing anything at home...except sleeping..lolz....i m trying to adapt in the workplace and take out some time for my leisure activities....but still i manage to have a good time with my office frens....