Friday, August 29, 2008

New Mozilla Firefox Browser 3.0.1

I like the new Mozilla browser...Especially it lets me save the pages when I close down the browser and opens them when I launch the browser again. However, the toolbar icons look disproportionate.The pages can be bookmarked easily by clicking on the small star on the address bar(Google style). There is a toolbar button for most visited sites which is quite convenient. The auto complete in the address bar also looks pretty nice..The History feature is also improved and opens as a separate window too. Overall I like this new version though they can improve on the graphic look and feel.Go for it!

I want my green tea

I have started keeping green tea bags in office now. I got to know that green tea has many benefits. It has more antioxidants than normal tea and also is not heavy on the system.Regular tea with milk is not very healthy as milk neutralizes the antioxidants. Also it is hard on the stomach.It dehydrates the body(a diuretic). Green tea on the other hand doesnt work as diuretic.Green tea also increases metabolic rate.So it makes a light refreshing drink and keeps me awake in office :-)