Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Monday, November 07, 2005

This is how one of the cubicles in my office looked after the floor decoration competition...

It has been a long time now since i updated my blog .I had a lot of fun in the past few weeks in the festive season.I got a lot of leaves from office and had a very good time on Diwali.

Particularly the week from 24th Oct to 28th Oct was very busy..:-) ...In my company,we had some sort of fest.In fact,it was just like those college fests.We had events like dance,skits,music events and games for the first four days in the evening and then on the last day we had a floor decoration competition in the office and then a grand party in the night.I participated in a skit and did a song duet.It was great fun.And then in the following week we had a lot of holidays.

The floor decoration competition was very interesting.Flextronics is spread over 8 plots.Every year before Diwali,there is a plot decoration competition and there is a new theme every year for the decoration.This year the theme was "Bollywood meets Hollywood".At first i was not concerned with the competition and found the whole thing pretty frivolous.But then I shortly realized the seriousness of the matter when a meeting was called to discuss the strategy and ideas for the decoration.I was roped in for the decoration.And then funds were collected and a lot of stationery was bought...thermocole sheets,sketch pens,paints and what not..There are 3 floors in my plot and we decided to decorate the first 2 only.It was all very extensive.we started on 27th evening and finished on 28th evening.We created the sets for hindi and english movies in the cubicles.At the end of it all,office was not looking like office anymore..Then the judges for the competition came on 28th evening and someone showed them around according to a prewritten script.The decoration was done based on a script. :-P