Friday, July 30, 2010

Contradictions + Hypocrisy

I like to read newspapers. Its important to know about what is happening in this world. But from some months, I am getting increasingly discouraged from this habit. There is so much negativity flowing out of the paper and sticking into your face. I feel disgusted by news of all corruption and sick of all the hypocrisy. Every celebrity/politician has something to say which will not be so logical or even politically correct most of the times. Its quite frustrating.

In one piece of news, grains are rotting in government owned godowns, in another news people are dying of hunger. On one page I see the new education policies of government, on another I see unemployment and grads who are unemployable due to faulty education/fake degrees. There is a connection between these two contradictory pieces I suppose? Enough to drive one to the edge. I feel ashamed sometimes of all this disorder.The emotion goes from Disbelief -> Anger -> Shame -> Insensitivity. But its more important to be optimistic, corrective and constructive.

This will go on and on and on. You and I can do our bits and be honest and pay our taxes, at least that will make ourselves happy about being truthful to ourseleves, regardless of the whole crazy world. Meanwhile, I will just skip the newspapers today, close my eyes and relax!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seven da Vincian Principles

Curiosita- are you asking the right questions?
Dimostrazione- how can you improve your ability to learn from your mistakes and experiences? How can you develop your independence of thought?
Sensazione- what is your plan for sharpening your senses as you age?
Sfumato- how can you strengthen your ability to hold creative tension, to embrace the major paradoxes of life?
Arte/Scienza- are you balancing art and science at home and work?
Corporalita- how can you nurture the balance of body and mind?
Connceeione- how do all the above elements fit together? How does everything connect to everything else?

Layered listening

What is Layered listening - once or twice each day pause and listen to the sounds around you.

Listen for the loudest and softest and find the layers of sounds.
Listen for silence- listen for the spaces between sounds.
Listen for patterns of tension and release in music.
Listen for emotion: tragedy,sadness, gloom, jubilation.

Why do these sounds affect you as they do?

(an excerpt from a book -"How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci")

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anger Management

I know people whom I have never seen angry. This looks quite wonderful to me. Anger is such a powerful emotion, to be able to manage it, a lot of mental strength is required. And if one manages this emotion and is able to control it, it will be for the betterment and evolution of other personality characteristics too. Anger is destructive by nature. It leads to inflated egos, blinded sight, wrong judgment and enmity between people. If managed, same emotion can be constructive and positive, making difficult things possible.

For Cat and Cartoon lovers

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