Thursday, July 20, 2006

New FM channel on d block!

Tune in to FM 95.00 MHz..Amazing hindi + English songs played alternately and no

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Trip to Dharamshala

I went on a trip to Dharamshala recently- 7 to 10 th July.It ahd been a very long time since I set my foot outside Delhi..So I was quite excited about it..We were 10 people in colleagues and college friends..

Dharamshala is a place in Himachal Pradesh.It takes almost 12 hours to reach there by bus from Delhi. This place is quite popular for the monasteries.Dharamshala stands at the foot of Dhauladhar and has a magnificent view of snowy peaks, deodar and pine forests, tea gardens and beautiful hills.Dharamshala now really has become international, with a number of Tibetan settlements and the residence of Noble Laureate the 'Dalai Lama'. Dharamshala is devided into two distinct parts : lower Dharamshala the civil and business area with Courts and Kotwali bazar and upper Dharamshala composed of places like Mcleod Ganj and Forsyth Ganj. Mcleodganj has emerged as a major Buddhist centre.

We hardly stopped at Dharamshala.Our main destination was Bhagsunag waterfall and McLeodGanj.Though we had very less time we managed to see the waterfall at Bhagsunag,St. John's church,a monastery and Dal lake.

I was almost in a trance for two days on the trip.The place was full of religion seeking foreigners and monks..It had exotic shops too with exhorbitantly priced items..I was fascinated by the monastery and the Budhdhist way..The monks had such a serene expression on their faces..Looked like they didnt have a worry in this world..I wondered whether I should join them :-) And wondered who all of them have sold their Ferrari... hehe..

On a serious note,it was a very nice experience.. I later felt that I should have spent more days there ..

Dal Lake

St. John's Church

Lord Budhdha at the monastery