Monday, July 11, 2005

Are u feeling bad?

A few days ago I was feeling very depressed.I was thinking about all the bad things that have happened to me .I was wondering about why all that happened.I was feeling victimised.I was thinking what bad things i had done to deserve all that.When it became too much,i tried to change my thinking.I started thinking about what i can do to improve the situation and to improve myself as a person.Then i started feeling better and empowered.When u blame others or external things for your sadness,u will always feel bad and weak.The moment u take responsibility for how to lead ur life,u will start feeing stronger and better.
I have now started my dummy project.The lecture sessions are over( thankfully).I will be doing this project for the next 2 months ,after which I'll get a live project.I am enjoying myself a lot these days .There's not much work pressure or time constraints at present.So, I get to talk to my friends at office and we have a lot of fun.I have kind of adapted to the work scene.I dont feel very sleepy anymore.I try to catch up on lost sleep during the weekends.After the initial days at office,now i am beginning to enjoy this office life.I am more comfortable now.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Taking Advice

One day I happened to overhear a conversation when I was returning from office in my office bus.Two persons sitting behind my seat were talking abut how to clear CAT and its various aspects and statistics.One of them said that he had tried to clear CAT but failed.He was talking very negatively about it and he gave the other person a very pessimistic view of the whole thing about clearing CAT.He made it seem like a very difficult examination which involves a lot of luck factor.He didnt say anything about the hardwrk involved or any strategies for the examination.

This reminded me of something i had read a few years ago -- "Take advice about how to succeed in a domain only from successful people in that domain." It is actually true.When u talk to people who have failed,u can learn about what not to do.Generally when u ask them about how to succeed in something,they will give u a negative and demoralised view which can alter ur perspective and make urself negative about the whole thing too.

I got my first salary!!

I got my fisrt salary on 1st july.Its really very special.I feel very good about the whole thing.I have yet to decide on how to spend it.The first thing i did was buy some sweets from that money and went to the temple.I have always been careful about money and have never been a great shopper.However,when u realise that its ur own money that u have made urself,its a very differnt feeling.I feel more responsible.I will buy some gifts for my family and friends..