Friday, July 27, 2007

The Graduation Day

Just a few days back one of my frens mentioned that now that I m relatively free….i cud update my blog…and now here I m….I had one of the most fantastic day today…I had my convocation today after 2 years of passing out of NSIT as a computer engineer..I was looking forward to meeting some old frens and exchanging notes about our new lives after college days…I had decided to take mom along as I wanted her to see me getting the degree up there on the stage after working so hard beside me when I toiled for the entrance exams and later the sem exams and placement days….It surely had some emotional value for her..I reached college at 9.30 am in the morning after being scolded by frens to always arrive fashionably late at every get-together….I had no idea what was in store for me to witness there…I was amused to see all my frens busy getting their black robes and hats on….Soon enough I donned my robe too with the yellow scarf and hat….and now everyone was looking just the same with beaming faces and black robes…I was happy to catch up on some of the “long time no see” frens…And felt like being in college again with nostalgia in full gear…We were seated in the auditorium in the order in which the degrees were to be conferred...Then the chief guests and director came in the audi with some vedic shlokas playing the background..They all wore bright

red robes…Then began the customary welcome address and all…The gold medals for the stream toppers and best projects were awarded thereafter…and then came the big moment of conferring degrees to the students…One by one all of us went to the stage to collect our degree and get the photo clicked….Soon we came down from the audi and got more pics clicked…Everyone treasured the euphoric moment of tossing their black hats high up in the air and getting clicked while doing this…Later on as I sat on the college lawns with my frens I realized how truly special the college days were…We reminisced the golden times of college, the fun we used to have and caught up on our current occupations…Last few days had been eventful for me…I just switched my job and now am working in NMS domain in a product company …I have always believed that “Change is good” coz it makes u grow and now I am adapting to the changes… [:)]