Saturday, July 02, 2005

I got my first salary!!

I got my fisrt salary on 1st july.Its really very special.I feel very good about the whole thing.I have yet to decide on how to spend it.The first thing i did was buy some sweets from that money and went to the temple.I have always been careful about money and have never been a great shopper.However,when u realise that its ur own money that u have made urself,its a very differnt feeling.I feel more responsible.I will buy some gifts for my family and friends..


Moi said...

and my treat is pending :D

माकूचाकू said...

bool got_salary = true;

if(got_salary == true)
got_salary = false;

// My DD is also ready, waiting to get it from the Acct's dept :-)
// Hurray!