Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hovering on Crossroads

Last weekend i went to meet my college friends , and i found my long lost poem tht i gave one of my friends to keep.I had won a prize in creative writing for it in my second semester in college.

Hovering On Crossroads

Here I am

Standing on crossroads of life

All the hopes be damned

I know I m lost.

In throes of pain

Of loneliness and betrayal

All those dreams went in vain

Oh, what a death my little hope died.

There was sound of laughter

And agony of tears

And a few moments after

There is nothing I can hear.

No longer is anyone around

No longer do I feel the touch

I do want to hear some sound

Now, I have had just too much.

Who would show me the light?

So I’d see which way to choose

Who would encourage me to fight?

And assure me I’ve nothing to lose?

Looking deep within I saw a figure

It was nothing but my hidden strong self

I can rely on it, as I know it won’t wither

No matter how strong the storms may be.

The greatest wisdom is hidden in me

To guide me through all the ways

I only have to pause and see

And brave though thick and thin days.

So realization dawns on me

And it surely surprises me to see

That the strength I needed was always there

So now I can be happy and here.

Now I have nothing to fear

For my own self will give me the strength I need

To excel, to cry, to laugh, to lead

And to make my own way, hovering on crossroads of life.


Anonymous said...
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Ganapathy said...

hey nice one! oh and to think and plan too ;)

Art said...

Good one neha... and yes all the best for all the cross roads in ur life... Hope u make right decisions are right time :)

ahaan said...

nice poem Neha :)

Siddhartha said...

a very beautiful poem indeed!!

never knew you could write this well!! .. :)