Monday, October 08, 2012

Do Something New! Do something differently!

The thought is not new. You have heard it before. But how many of us really do it regularly.What keeps us really alive is learning. Learning happens on its own as we go through life's different experiences and do various things that are to be done. We may not consciously make an effort to learn something new for the sake of learning, regularly.

But in this busy life we may forget the importance of doing new and different things than the one we already know and do. It will do us much good if we regularly stretch ourselves and invest some time to do something new, actually anything from reading about a new subject, trying a new dish, learning a new dance form, wearing something different from routine and the list goes on and on. I would also go on to add being different than our normal self, be a lil more adventurous, talk to a familiar acquaintance, help somebody without any self-interest.

We change a little with each new thing we do or learn. We gain new experiences and never stay the same, always evolving. I make an effort to do something new every fortnight. Even if we can do it every month, we will have 12 new things we did in a year, that certainly makes our life more varied and fun!

See you again when I am finished with the first part of a new book I picked up!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is it just me?

I am not a regular blogger anymore. But I want to maintain this creative habit. Its easy to give up something, but we may not realize how valuable it is, once we get used to living without it. I seldom write now, bogged down by daily life and its struggles. It is difficult to find time, rather it is possible, but we choose to ignore and procrastinate. We are mentally tired by all the routine tasks. 

The attention span of people is going down. At least, it is true for me. I am used to one liner updates, Facebook / Twitter etc have promoted this short attention span. I can't bring myself to read any article effortlessly. I have stopped reading Facebook updates now, unless something on the top of the page catches my eye. It is difficult to read long articles or books now that this notion of reading most relevant and important information in one or two lines. And then switching between such pieces rapidly, as if on a sprint. 

What is happening here? Am I losing the ability to focus on one thing at one time? Am I constantly under pressure of multi-tasking? Is it only happening with me or others too? Whatever it is, it looks scary/dangerous. :-)