Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Once I was a poet

I used to write night after night

How I loved every written word

How I believed in them with all my might.

What could I possibly write about

I thought I knew it all too well

So, I wrote on and on about only one thing -

Falling in love and its spell.

I wrote about falling in love

And all the happiness it would bring

Mine was a heart of a romantic

I believed in love’s beauty and its eternal spring.

Oh, how many lines I wrote on love

I was happy and youth was mine

I could think of only the joy of loving

So drunken I was on love’s wine.

But why do I laugh at those lines today

What has changed inside of me

Is it only a matter of few years

That once I was a poet that now I can never be.

I wonder what you’d say if you read those poems

But I can see I was wrong

When I wrote only about love’s joy

And for it forever I did long.

But now I know I saw love

Only in one dimension

Still I know very little about it

Yet this precious little I would care to mention.

If ever you fall in love

Be ready to face its pain and sorrow

Along with the ecstasy it brings

To you every moment today and tomorrow.

As a rose with its beauty

Has its share of thorns

Look at love in its entirety

Love can be dark as night and bright as morn.

Be blessed when you have pleasure

That love brings sometimes

Yet be ready for the pain

That it’ll bring all the other times.

And don’t shy away from love’s pain

Don’t ever say it’s what you despise

You have to make efforts and work hard to keep love

It’ll only make you grow and make you wise.

So, pain it is and pleasure it is

And if all this pain you can endure

I can say you know the meaning of love

I’ll believe your love is pure.

--- Self composed by Neha Giri

Dated 7.04.05
Copyright 2005

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Rocky said...

u are a fine poet , i may say