Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My latest fad

One of the perils of being a software engineer( or having any sedentary job) is the nasty weight that creeps in slowly over the years before you realize you are way too chubbier and have no option left but to do something about it or curse yourself everyday...So here I am going through this and remembering how svelte I was in college...a nimble deer..I have ended up joining a gym two months ago and its already paying off.Though the first month was a struggle and I ended up gaining weight at the end of it, the second month went well..I barely have lost weight but only shaped up..I think thats because of the muscle mass gained which is actually heavier than fat.
I have become almost obsessed with fitness.I think most people already are..Every day I see some fitness article in the papers and every month I get some magazines which revolve around fitness.There are 2 ways to look at it.Fitness is both about vanity and health.Obviously you look good when you are fit.Interestingly,when I look at old family pictures,people look younger and silmmer. The trend almost invariably goes towards the fatter end as people age.At the same time fitness is also about health and power.Fitter people not only look better they also live longer.Now that's a thing hard to ignore.The reason I had to join gym was this.I could not ignore this truth.As I am getting older I am also more aware of my health and how I should live my life so as to get lesser trouble in old age.After a regular day of work I mostly find it difficult to go to the gym and sweat it out when I can spend the time sleeping to tackle my sleep deprivation.But when I step out of the gym, I feel more powerful, more energetic ,more alert and better in every way.Sometimes I wish I was a gym trainer.. :-)

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